Technical Overview

CHAMHANA will be together with you
a virtuous circle of environmental energy that will benefit and restore the global environment.

A virtuous cycle structure of energy and waste.

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Today, the energy crisis and environmental pollution problems are caused by the depletion of energy sources due to the indiscriminate use of fossil fuels, and the destruction of ecosystems by various wastes, wastes, and wastes that are necessarily generated when using fossil fuels, This is a threat.

The world is investing astronomically every year in the development of new and renewable energy such as solar, wind, and biomass, but it has not been able to achieve the results yet. Even worse, even if it succeeds in the development of renewable energy, It is not necessarily called clean energy technology of the future unless a new energy environment technology is developed to solve it at the same time because waste, ozone, and wastewater are generated in proportion to it necessarily.

A new concept of energy crisis that surpasses the current renewable energy policy, which can only be structurally limited, is the research and development of
environmental pollution solution technology I would like to suggest an alternative solution.

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Omega moat water drying technology and waste fuel composition accelerator (WASTEP) Z-AMT water treatment method.

By using energy, we will develop waste energy, and wastewater generated in proportion as much as new energy source through lowest cost and best environment friendly treatment, and produce thermal energy with new concept combustion technology and use all the waste water and chemical water treatment technology. The completed Omega moat water drying technology and waste fuel composition accelerator (WASTEP) Z-AMT water treatment are the alternatives. Through these new technologies, we will be able to achieve a virtuous cycle structure of energy and waste, and present alternatives that can contribute to mankind threatened by the energy crisis.

Energy & Environmental Crisis Resolution

Virtuous circleConcept of energy use

No more wastes are to be landfilled, incinerated, or discharged into the ocean, and all are excellent energy resources

The Cham A System Application

The Cham A system produces enriched energy by completely dissolving environmental pollution by producing energy from waste and waste water sludge as raw materials. On the other hand, fossil fuels, which are underground resources, destroy the environment during development and use.

Cham A systems are able to operate unit units immediately where waste collects, shortening the travel distance and residence time of waste.

The Cham A system recycles all the waste water to environmentally friendly water. Unlike other energies, system energies do not have environmental pollution, but the more you use them, the more the environment is cleaned.

Where Cham A System energy is used, It means that you earn a kind of good as "carbon credits" as much as you use. This also means that there is a very economical guarantee of energy use in some respects. If energy can not be used, nothing can exist in itself.

Using the system technology of Charm A, the landfill is no longer needed and the waste water treatment is completely solved, so there is no need for marine dumping.

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