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Today, as environmental pollution becomes serious, the earth's self-sufficiency is lost and mankind is threatened to survive, so as an alternative
we have created a ■ (Re Born Energy Bloc) ■.


Re Born Energy (Rebirth Energy) as a Combination of Environment and Energy Resources Business and Electronic Wallet Platform The birth of Bloc is "the past 30 years of a new concept that uses malicious waste water treatment technology and life, food waste and fire / A system called "Chona Hana Research Institute", which is a new concept research institute in the field of environment researching and developing the energy system. "The one system A uses all the malicious wastes such as flame retarding incombustibility generated on the earth as a virtuous cycle system (AMT), and the application number (1020110105772) of manufacturing method of solid fuel which is related to environmental energy "and the like, and drastically improved the problems of the existing water treatment technology.

There is no longer any need for landfill and marine dumping, which is a conventional concealment method, and there is no need for further environmental pollution caused by incineration, and no need to use fossil fuel and nuclear energy. By accumulating the existing accumulated wastes into fuel and returning them to the clean nature, it is possible to treat the two problems simultaneously by treating the waste generated on the earth cleanly without polluting the land and sea air and solving the resource problem that is getting depleted.

The technology of Cham A system is applied to all countries around the world, such as producers, sellers, logistics mobiles, collectors, intermediate collectors, And can verify transparently from the time of the generation of the waste to the completion of the processing. If the transaction is made with the encrypted energy currency, the history can be blocked by leaving the waste history, and the fee for payment in the currency of the dollar, The value of the ReBorn block is expected to rise further by using the ReBorn block energy encryption currency which can solve problems such as exchange rate change and remittance time.

Virtuous Circle Wasted Landfill & Company

  • • Food waste disposal area by country
  • • Domestic sewage and industrial wastewater treatment plant
  • • Landfill or closed landfill
  • • Livestock Farmers and Livestock Manure Treatment Plant
  • • Industrial waste
  • • Other wastes, inorganic wastes
  • • Highly concentrated malignant waste water
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Follow will be implemented in the system, but in addition to the matching system to be used throughout the industry, each country in the world to be used in real life, so that the platform can be synchronized with the ReBorn PAY payment system, Based on the reliability of the logistics information of global logistics products through the worldwide network through the web version, the activities to the ReBorn PAY payment system by each country are spreading, Re-Born Bloc's goal is to ensure that all vendors and users across the network can trust and use it.

Business area

CHAMHANA will be together with you
a virtuous circle of environmental energy that will benefit and restore the global environment.

What is 'Cham A System'?


New Concept Waste Energy Recycling
Charm A System
Optimal proposal to solve energy, environment and economic problems at the same time.

• "New concept energy source technology" that solidifies all wastes into solid fuel.
• "New Concept Combustion System" that produces various energy (heat / electric energy) through special combustion.
• "New concept environmental water treatment" technology (drinking water level) that completely treats all malignant waste water.

Cham A System 4 core technologies


Mortal water drying technology


Development of fuel composition accelerator


Using water treatment agent
Z-AMT method


Small capacity cogeneration
Standard power generation technology

Z-AMT 수처리 공법

Z-AMT water treatment method

  • Various ozone and wastewater emissions within acceptable limits : Improved water quality at drinking water level
  • Decomposition method using various energy sources : Differentiated original technology (patent)
  • Minimum area, minimum facility : 1/3 compared to existing facility price
  • Possibility of final treatment at midnight : Improvement of water quality due to self purification of surrounding water quality
  • • No discharge, no discharge system available
신개념 참A연료, 고형연료

New concept Cham A fuel, solid fuel

  • Changes in the concept of fuel : Non-flammable, flammable waste can be fueled in conventional ways that only fossil and combustible waste can be fueled
  • Meets fuel requirements : calorific value greater than 4,000 kcal, dioxin, no environmental hormone emissions
  • Fueling of three major malignant wastes : livestock manure, food waste, sewage sludge → Completely solve environmental problems.
  • Alternative fuel supply to the poor : 1/3 price range compared to anthracite
신개념 연소시스템 - 열풍, 온수 보일러

New Concept Combustion System - Hot Air, Hot Water Boiler

  • • Maximized combustion efficiency with special combustion technology that enables incombustible combustion
  • • Special combustion technology utilizing various energy sources such as singer combustion and concentrated combustion
  • Combined Heat Generation System : Enables full energy, including electricity, steam, heating, hot water, hot air
  • Simultaneous installation and fuel costing : It can be supplied at low cost due to its original technology.



Food sludge


Sewage sludge


Household garbage


Livestock manure



An answer to solve the energy environmental crisis The virtuous cycle structure of energy waste

Currently, energy recycling systems around the world generate secondary wastes and waste water in proportion to the use of any energy.

However, the Chamma A system is a new concept new technology developed as the only model solution to solve the energy and environmental crisis of mankind by achieving a virtuous cycle structure of energy and waste by energizing all secondary waste, waste, and waste water.

The excellent competitiveness of the true A system

※ Economy: Costs of raw materials, facilities, operating costs, required area

※ Technology: Unique source technology in energy environment

※ Efficiency: Flammable and nonflammable wastes are used as raw materials, heat generation over 4,500 kcal / kg, no waste water.

※ Environment: The technology that cleanse the global environment as you use it.

※ Applicability: Applicable to all fields requiring energy

※ Prospect: Exceptional alternative to solve the upcoming energy environmental crisis

The best answer to overcome the environmental and energy crisis

※ Energy saving in the whole amount at low price: The best alternative to overcome energy and environmental crisis

※ For the shortest period and minimum cost, all waste and waste water in the area is treated completely

※ New concept, new technology that can be applied not only to waste treatment but also to all industrial fields

The Cham A system enables the energy conversion of flammable and nonflammable wastes as well as flammable and flexible wastes, thus making · High efficiency is a new technology that can go far beyond the government's goal of waste energy conversion.

Features of True Fuel

참연료 특장점1

Contribution to local environmental clean-up by resource recycling of malignant waste in the area

참연료 특장점2

Significant reduction in the share of existing fuel use, resulting in superior oil import substitution effect

참연료 특장점3

Reduced production costs (ultra-low-cost supply)

참연료 특장점4

Can be molded into various shapes to suit your application


Waste sludge


Residue residue


Waste lime


Waste coal




Other waste


Way step (powder)


Fuel (pellets)

Principles of fuel fabrication technology combine different wastes and form special powders so that combined wastes can be burned well. Charcoal powder is not a chemical or combustion promoter, but it is well formulated with It is a natural substance that helps combustion synergism. It is a substance that enables stabilized role of solid fuel. These powders do not have a uniform formula, but they vary depending on the type of waste to be produced. Molding and drying operations can be manufactured in a variety of ways depending on the type of pellets and various molding machines through a common process.

New Renewable Heat and Combined Energy Power Plant

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발전소 이미지2
Innovation of technology

Use flammable, nonflammable waste as fuel - Solve environmental and energy issues at the same time
Recognition of fuel and combustion techniques - extend the range of fuels beyond the limited resources of fossil fuels.
Low Cost Energy Sources - Significant savings in energy costs, including energy poverty relief and all industries.

Technical Features

Facility cost, low operating cost - It is not a large plant facility, easy installation and low operating cost.
No new landfill, incinerator, or sewage treatment plant required. - Existing facilities can be used as energy production plants.
1 Step Handling - Can be processed at once without moving the place (waste fuelization + wastewater treatment + hot wind, hot water, electricity production).
4 Step Incomings - lowest unit cost of raw materials production by reverse payment method (waste disposal costs + wastewater treatment costs + fuel sales + electricity sales).
Resolve greenhouse gas concerns because no polluting gas is generated - Secure carbon credits.
Convenience of supply of raw materials - Easy raw material acquisition anywhere, waste is generated continuously.
• A small amount of combustion residue generated after combustion is an eco-friendly component,
• Can be used from home to business and industry, so anyone can use it

Applicability of Technology

Applicable to a variety of waste recycling markets - Wastewater sludge, livestock manure, food waste, etc.
Each configuration technology is individually commercializable. - Charcoal, Z-AMT, hot air, hot water boiler, air purifier, etc.
Bringing Cham A System to Existing Systems - Partially installed by combining with existing thermal power plant / incinerator / landfill sewage treatment plant.

Build a new concept of energy use system

• Realization of an energy circulation system that reuses different types of energy sources
• Realized a distributed energy use system that produces and uses heat and electricity directly in the field
• No need for a new place, and existing wastewater treatment plant can be used as an energy production plant
• Used as main heat source instead of auxiliary heat source, and surplus heat and electricity are used to generate revenue

"Reborn platform" What is a mobile electronic wallet?


It can also store encrypted coins as an online payment tool made on the mobile or APP version and is designed to be exchanged at any time with the ReBorn Energy Bloc and ReBorn PAY, The ReBorn Platform , which is provided as a concept to replace the existing payment method, is composed of content prepared by a corporation established separately in each country, affiliated companies, shopping malls, etc. You can easily trade in a mobile version or APP on each country's domain address, and then you can charge your PAY like a prepaid card, and you can trade freely anywhere in the internet shopping mall or online or offline merchants. Also, If the other party is also a member of ReBorn Platform You can instantly enter your address or send it via QR code, instant gift, ready-to-use convenience and excellent security on the ReBorn platform, as well as on the ReBorn Platform ReBorn Pay will be a clever personalized electronic purse that can conveniently send generic coins such as Bitcoin and Etherium, in addition to purchasing a Reborn Bloc.


Re Born Energy Bloc Road Map

ReBorn Energy (RBE) will do its best to complete the roadmap milestones one by one. In addition to maintaining the openness and transparency of our communication channels, ReBorn Energy (RBE) will provide up-to-date information on its progress through our newsletter, Twitter and SNS.


• Re Born Energy Bloc Self Exchange Compatible Beta Test


• Re Born Energy Bloc Regular Pre-ICO Conducted


• Started RBE trading on its own exchange • Re Born Energy Bloc Linked Development of individual PAY payment system smart electronic wallet between each country (Function test of exchange and ReBorn PAY)

2018.09 ~ 10

• & international exchange trading scheduled to begin (listed)


• Re Born Energy Bloc linked platform business Separate corporation agreement and establishment between each country
• Expansion of content using smart electronic wallet for individual PAY payment system


• Chamhana Waste Treatment Plant Contracted with each country, customized local contract, established MOU


• DPOS method, Air drop decision / Waste history ledger R&D

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